Marketing 101: Know your audience!

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It really can’t be said enough!

Any sort of advertising effort needs to be sure that they are communicating the correct message to the correct people!

If this doesn’t happen, you see things like…


^ See this picture? It’s a joke, of course, but it makes me twitch because I’m kind of geeky.

Don’t tell anyone, okay? 😀

It actually might offend 6 groups of geeks – Star Wars fans, Harry Potter fans, Lord of the Rings fans, X-men fans, Star Trek fans AND the those among us who think that Patrick Stewart’s contributions to movies and television only represent one large group of geeky people.

Also, you might see things like…


^ See this? This is a 2014 campaign by Victoria’s Secret. Perfect example of marketers not understanding the audience the message is for. Why? Because 90% of women look nothing like this. The ladies of Victoria Secret are lovely as usual. However, there are many equally lovely ladies of various sizes, heights, and body types. It’s a slap in the face, especially in comparison to Dove’s empowering “Real Beauty” campaign that encourages and highlights diverse beauty and bodies. By labeling this one body type as the “perfect” type, it alienates those who don’t have that type. Not really a great business decision.

Companies forget this basic task (and suffer for it!). Know your audience!


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